Caribbean SeaFarms SRL

Caribbean Sea Farms SRL (CSF) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global SeaFarms Group. Incorporated in the Dominican Republic, CSF is one of the largest aquaculture projects in the Caribbean with a commercial hatchery facility in the capital city of Santo Domingo and a large grow-out site in the Salinas region on the south west coast. CSF is focused on the production of Florida Pompano, a species indigenous to the waters of the Caribbean and highly prized in the North American retail and food service marketplaces.

Farm & Processing

Farm and processing operations are located in the Salinas region on the south west coast of the Dominican Republic.  The farm uses industry standard polar circle production cage technology for our grow-out operations. Processing capabilities are located at the farm site ensuring immediate control over the cold chain and packaging requirements.


Caribbean SeaFarms SRL is a member of the Associaciόn Dominicana de Acuacultores (ADOA).