Global SeaFarms Corporation (GSF) is a Canadian company focused on the development and acquisition of aquaculture projects in the Americas. The company is listed on the Canadian National Stock Exchange (CNSX:GSF). GSF’s business is aimed at the responsible farming of high-value seafood products for global markets, and particularly the import dependent US market.

GSF’s current platform operation is located in the Dominican Republic, producing the premium white fish, Florida Pompano. The company’s strategy is to expand its operations in the Dominican Republic as well as identify and build-out other high potential projects in the Caribbean Region. GSF is also actively engaged in identifying and developing cold-water opportunities in Canada.

Our Commitment

Quality and Food Safety

Global SeaFarms is committed to producing the highest quality seafood. In addition to sourcing only the highest quality inputs for our operations, GSF ensures full traceability throughout the farming process. As well, all processing operations ensure compliance with HACCP and North American food handling standards.

Local Communities

Global SeaFarms is proud to operate within the vibrant communities of Santo Domingo and Salinas in the Dominican Republic. We strive to give back to the community by sponsoring a local baseball team, hosting seasonal events, and investing in education by providing the local community with computer and internet facilities.

Environmental Management

Sustainable quality aquaculture production is Global SeaFarms’ primary objective. GSF is focused on culturing species that are indigenous to the areas in which we operate. We are committed to not only meet, but also exceed environmental standards in the jurisdictions where we are active.

In the aim of maintaining the integrity of the natural environments in which we operate, GSF selects sites on the basis of both productive capability and environmental suitability. GSF has worked with the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of the Environment to complete a comprehensive review of all of our operations ecological impacts. All aquaculture sites are regularly tested with reports on all results filed with the Ministry of the Environment.